Happy 2018!!! Bonne année!!!

Here are the perfect New Year’s wishes from one of my favourite French singer-songwriters, Jacques Brel. These were written in 1968 and still hold true today :) (I wrote the english translation below)
Here’s to a peaceful, healthy, fulfilling and happy 2018!
(Thanks to my friend Rox for the FB post!)

Voici des voeux parfaits pour le Nouvel An d’un de mes auteurs-compositeurs préféré, Jacques Brel. Ils ont été écrit en 1968 mais sont toujours aussi vrais :)
À une heureuse année 2018 de paix, de santé et d’épanouissement!
(Merci à mon amie Rox pour le post FB!)

“I wish you dreams forever and the furious desire to make some of them come true. I hope you will love what needs loving and forget what needs forgetting. I wish you passions, I wish you silences. I wish you birdsongs when you awake and children’s laughter. I wish you to respect others’ differences because each person’s merit and worth are to be discovered. I hope you’ll resist apathy, indifference and the negative aspects of these times. Finally, I wish for you to never forsake curiosity, adventure, life, love, because life is a wonderful adventure and no reasonable person should give up without a hard fight. I wish you most of all to be yourself, proud of it and happy, because happiness is our true destiny.”